Exactly one week ago, i had my first opportunity to enjoy MPO live after longing to be there for years since i was exposed to classical music. I think that was back in my high school days when i learnt how to conduct the harmonica band. *Swaying the conductor baton * 😛
The performance by Sarah Chang with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra was magnificent. Tickets were bought without knowing the program scheduled for the performance. Nonetheless, i was bedazzled by the songs.
The first song performed was Fireworks by Stravinsky. The piece lasted for just 4mins, as though fireworks shooting high in the skies full of momentum.
The second piece was Dvorak’s violin concerto in A minor. Worldclass violinist Sarah Chang presented the song perfectly. Every single expresssion, brought me back to the classical sonata period, as if time-travelled back to the past. Bravo, Sarah! Will continue to support your music. 🙂
The third piece was solely by the MPO, Symphony No.10 in E minor by Shostakovich. The Tenth, considered as his greatest symphony, gives a dark introspective style. The deepest impression about this piece I had was the contrast of a breathless silence which ended the first movement to the second which was intense. It brought me into a oto-rollercoster ride, leaving me emotionally drained when the last sound came to an abrupt stop.


My first MPO live experience. Thankful for a dream came true. Hoping for more to come in the future.

A night not to be forgotten.




Decided to pay a visit to Magnum @ MidValley to experience the popular trendy way of eating ice cream.

In order to be entitled for a table to be seated, we gotta order a dish from the menu. This was what we ordered : Biscuits (childhood relived by the binbinmiguo) taroball soaked in soya milk served together with a magnum vanilla ice cream. A source of protein I would say.


Meanwhile, me and Tze Yee (weh, congratulations once again on your engagement!) went to queue up to customise our very own magnum. Time to play around with food and creativity. Both mind blown and mindf*cked!

Queueing up excited like children! Ice-cream time! Yay *monologue screams*

Guess which one is mine? Tip: the one that looks healthier, cz even when I snack, I gotta snack healthy! 😛

Look at them Goji berries and pistachios! Slurp. 🙂

Golden nuggets and rose petals.


No one is too busy for desserts. Till we meet again Tze Yee. Thank you for your time. XOXO


Photo credits to the canggih technology of DSC-RX100 III. You know who you are. 🙂 thank you.



发现自己被作弄后,只好忍着眼泪笑着说: 不要紧,不要那么小器…….没事了…

They said…

They said, “No matter how hard the past was, you can always begin again”.
I said, “No matter how much confidence and faith I reassure myself, fear strikes me again and again”.

They said, “You have been single for such a long time, go out there meet someone and go for it!”
I said, “I keep meeting the wrong ones, and I’m afraid of making wrong decisions over and over again.”

They said, “You are too tough, too independent, you need to be more feminine…”
I said, “If I’m not independent, I have no one to rely on. I cannot be weak because no one will be there for me. I am feminine, but only in front of deserving people”.

They asked, “Do you have someone special in mind whom you cannot let go?”
I replied, “No, no one is worth holding on after being fooled by fate…”

They asked, ” What do you look for in your future relationship?”
I replied, “Simple happiness, sharing of ups and downs, respect each other,being loved and being able to love, feel protected and secure, and be able to laugh and cry like that little girl I once was, no lies, no hurtful words, no violence…”

They said, “Always utter goodbye in advance, because when the end really comes, you won’t get the chance to utter the word anymore.”
I said, “I live in the present, not the past, neither the future, I don’t want to burden myself thinking of the future and reminiscing the past.”

-Hui Fang-
Ps: Earth hour performance went very well, I am very grateful and thankful to all my team mates who had put in their time and effort ( esp the drummer who kept his opinion until after the performance to tell me that he did not like my song) to practise with me. This will be a memory I’d treasure when I decide to stop doing music in the near future.


There were so many things i wanted to share, but no one would listen…..
They just laughed at me…
There were so many similarities between the two.
They made me wonder if I am delusioning, or they just happened to be similar.
I hope I am not living under their shadows, that blind my judgement affecting each decision I have to make.
One more day left to earth hour performance.
At first I was looking forward to it, but not anymore.
Obstacles were thrown at me almost every weekly, I felt like a pathetic keyboardist, percussionists keep putting me on aeroplane, leaving me in limbo.
I’d burst into tears, but I told myself to be sporting, to be cool, the worst scenario would be the MIA plan, fret not Hui Fang, fret not.
ps: the title was merely random alphabet, my dear partnerincrime.
-hui fang-

What I learnt from running

It has been a while since I have time to rant on my blog again. An unpredictable event happened a few months back, and my world almost collapses because I just couldn’t accept the fact. I felt like all the efforts I had put in all these while were in vain. I was crushed by fate. And then buddies and family keeps telling me every cloud has a silver lining, perhaps I was meant to do something else. To date, I’m still lost, but I shall never give up.
Been keeping up with running to take my mind off these problems, and running taught me several life lessons which I would like to pen down in my blog.

Every additional steps i made at the end of each round made me realize that I can go further than the before.

2) Every run is different
There were times when i ran the same path at the same time two days in a row but felt like the queen of the world one day and the scum of earth the next.

3) A fine line exists between being in pain and being injured
There were times when i keep running (when im all stressed up) until my calf muscles sore, yet I wouldn’t want to stop because the soreness made me feel good. I guessed i need to learn where my line is and when to stop.

4) Take rest days

5) The magical and indescribable link between my very own comfortable pace and playlist

6) Sometimes, I’d rather skip happy hours hanging out with friends because I really look forward to my regular evening runs as the latter keeps my endorphins circulated.

7) Running is all about myself. I am the one who determine my own goals at achieve the goals at my best pace. The only thing holding myself back is my own mind.

Adapted from “Life Lessons From Running”- The Huffington Post.

– HuiFang –