Exactly one week ago, i had my first opportunity to enjoy MPO live after longing to be there for years since i was exposed to classical music. I think that was back in my high school days when i learnt how to conduct the harmonica band. *Swaying the conductor baton * πŸ˜›
The performance by Sarah Chang with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra was magnificent. Tickets were bought without knowing the program scheduled for the performance. Nonetheless, i was bedazzled by the songs.
The first song performed was Fireworks by Stravinsky. The piece lasted for just 4mins, as though fireworks shooting high in the skies full of momentum.
The second piece was Dvorak’s violin concerto in A minor. Worldclass violinist Sarah Chang presented the song perfectly. Every single expresssion, brought me back to the classical sonata period, as if time-travelled back to the past. Bravo, Sarah! Will continue to support your music. πŸ™‚
The third piece was solely by the MPO, Symphony No.10 in E minor by Shostakovich. The Tenth, considered as his greatest symphony, gives a dark introspective style. The deepest impression about this piece I had was the contrast of a breathless silence which ended the first movement to the second which was intense. It brought me into a oto-rollercoster ride, leaving me emotionally drained when the last sound came to an abrupt stop.


My first MPO live experience. Thankful for a dream came true. Hoping for more to come in the future.

A night not to be forgotten.



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